Naked Cake 👀

Naked, semi-naked, unfrosted, rustic….there are many names for this cake that has gained popularity of late. I think they look amazing, simple but classy.  This kind of cake can be decorated in so many ways to vary its look.  Fresh or sugar flowers, berries, succulents, twigs…the list goes on.

For this cake we chose silk flowers, gorgeous little pink roses.  The slice of birch wood that it is displayed on added greatly to the presentation of this cake.

amp bday 2015-7

The cake is a strawberry cake, flavoured with 1.5 cups of fresh strawberry puree.  Paired with lemon frosting filling, it is delicious.  You can find the cake recipe here, I didn’t add the food colouring to mine.

This was my first attempt at a semi-naked cake and it was surprisingly simple.  My best tip would be to make sure you layer your cakes evenly, and fill with a slight overflow.

Then scrape the entire cake in one continuous motion to lightly spread the frosting overflow. You can add frosting to areas that require it and scrape again.

amp bday 2015-8

It is best to have your cakes on a rotating cake stand for ease of scraping (they are extremely helpful with basic icing techniques too!).

I love my Fat Daddio’s Bench Scraper and it was perfect for this job!

I think this cake holds the record for the quickest decorating time ever!

amp bday 2015-9

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