Bacon fat popcorn!!!!

So I was cooking some bacon off the other day with The Chew in the background (I was using the bacon to make some bacon and cheese scrolls for the kids’ lunch boxes).  They were discussing soups and in particular, toppings for them.  Carla Hall was making Bacon Spiced Popcorn to top a squash soup.

As I removed the cooked bacon pieces from the pan I noticed how much fat was left (American bacon seems to have a much higher fat content due to the cut of pork used).  Usually I would let this cool and then pop it in the rubbish, but not this time!!!

I dropped 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels into the hot fat and put the lid on.  As the popping started there was the most wonderful smell filling my kitchen.  When the popping subsided I tipped the popcorn into a big bowl, gave it a quick shake with some chilli powder and salt and gobbled it down!!!

Oh my, it was amazing.  The original recipe calls for the cooked bacon to be popped back in and tossed with the popcorn and spices.  As I was using this for the scrolls I left it out, but I will definitely make it again with the bacon bits.

So, it has got me to thinking…what about duck fat popcorn? I do believe it would be delicious, perhaps sub out the chilli for a herb like thyme.  What do you think? Let me know 🙂

Apologies for the lack of pictures…it went quickly!

Bacon popcorn

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