An Aussie Farewell

Aussie boot-3

Since living in Texas I have been lucky to be welcomed into a weekly coffee group with lovely friends from all over the globe.  But there is something about a friend from the same country, they just “get” you.  So, when my Aussie friend announced that it was time for her to go home I was sad but also excited for her at the same time.

Aussie boot-1

One of our international friends organised a fab leaving lunch, so of course, there had to be cake!

I made a giant Tim Tam cake.  Combining recipes from two sites (listed below) for the cake and topped it with a Australian flag cowboy boot.  The combination of the Tim Tam, boot, the Aussie flag, and the red dust stand represented both Texas and Australia.

Aussie boot-2

I doubled the sponge cake recipe, cooking in two  12″ X 8″ pans. I used the original amounts for the filling and ganache and there was plenty.  I needed to feed approximately 20 people, this cake did that with no problems! In fact, it is so rich that we only got through about half of it (and this group likes cake!).

Aussie boot-4


I really enjoy making the cowboy boots, they are easy to personalise and look great on a cake or just as a table decoration (you can see another one I made here).

The only photo I have with the boot on top is the cake was taken with my phone, sorry about the quality!

boot phone

And the inside (again from my phone).

tim tam phone


Tim Tam Cake Links:

Sponge cake

I added approximately 10 grams of malted milk powder with the cocoa to this recipe.

Filling & ganache

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