We LOVE The Big Bang Theory in our house! My daughter is especially obsessed with this show, her favourite episode being “The Einstein Approximation”, episode 14, season 3.

So this year for her birthday I made a Big Bang Ball Pit Cake.   A square chocolate mud cake covered in vanilla fondant and airbrushed red.  I used Sixlets for the balls and cheated by using Big Bang Theory Bobble Heads instead of modelling Sheldon and Leonard out of gum paste.  I did make  Sheldon’s bathrobe out of fondant and added it to the bobble head as he was wearing it in this part of the episode.

Bobble heads

I made a plaque out of white gum paste in the shape of the Bazinga logo and then added the wording detail with Wilton Sugar Sheets in black and yellow.  These sheets are fantastic, so simple to cut shapes out with scissors or a craft knife, or even paper punches.  I loved using them as they did not add weight to the plaque, making attaching it to the cake much more stable.


I covered the board in fondant and used my wood plank impression mat to make it look like floor boards. A quick airbrush with brown and I was happy.


This was a fun, simple cake to make, and re-watching this episode gave us all a good laugh 😀





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