Cowboy boot update & a watermelon hedgehog

Recently I asked for some advice regarding my Cowboy Boot Topper, thank you all for responding!  I took your advice and dirtied the flowers on the boot up a bit so they weren’t quite so bright.  I am really happy with the result.

Dirtied up flowers

Dirtied up flowers


The boot ended up being used as a decoration for a farewell party for a young girl.  As it wasn’t going on a cake I popped it on a covered cake board.  After covering the board with white fondant, I used a cotton doily to impress a pattern onto it.  It looked great white but I was keen to add some colour so I gave it a quick go over with my airbrush using light blue colouring.

Doily board-2

Doily board-1


I also had a bit of fun with a watermelon on the weekend.  Have a look at this YouTube video for the watermelon hedgehog instructions 🙂

Watermelon hedgehog-1




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