Cowboy Boot Topper

Cowboy boot gum paste topper

I love shoes!  Since living here in Texas I have been drooling over multiple pairs of western style boots. I bought a red pair within my first 3 months of arriving and wore them under my ball gown at a function in Washington DC 😛  I was so comfortable all night and only those that I showed knew I had them on.

Fab dancing shoes!

Fab dancing shoes!

Anyway, I thought I’d try my hand at making a boot cake topper.  I found the Cake Structure 3D Cowboy Boot Kit and off I went!


The kit comes in a little shoe box - cute!

The kit comes in a little shoe box – cute!

The instructions tell you to place all of the fondant/gumpaste pieces on the mould at once and then once dry take them off carefully.  When I tried this I failed big time!  The pieces had stuck together and I couldn’t get them off without breaking them.

All the goodies inside

All the goodies inside

Take 2…..I put the front boot pieces on the mould, waited for them to dry and then took them off.  Then I put the back piece on and waited for it to dry.  After both the front and back were dry I used some royal icing to stick them to the sole and each other.  Then I put the boot straps and smaller back panel on.

Back piece drying

Back piece drying

I used a light brown gum paste that I made using fondant and Tylose Powder to stiffen it up.  I used quite a lot of tylose as the top of the boot comes up above the top of the mould.  It was all a bit fiddly but in the end it worked out.  I used my stitch tool to pop some details on.

Still a bit plain looking...

Still a bit plain looking…

I then airbrushed the boot with chocolate brown to give a little more detail and realistic look.

Amazing what a difference a little airbrushing makes :)

Amazing what a difference a little airbrushing makes 🙂


Cowboy boot topper-3

At this stage the boot looked quite masculine so I thought I’d pretty it up a bit.  I popped some Wilton Mini Flowers on with some green royal icing and I think it looks very cute.



Cowboy boot topper-5

So, I am now wondering….are the flowers a bit bright for the boot?  Perhaps I should dust them with some light brown or a quick sweep of the airbrush, what do you think?



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