100th Post!

Wow!  Just as I was about to post a short piece I realised that it would be the 100th post for Scrumdiddlyumptious.  I couldn’t let it pass unnoticed so made a cake to celebrate the occasion.

100 cake-1

Pound cakes and bundt cakes are very popular here in  Texas so I found a recipe to try.  I came across a recipe for cream cheese pound cake on Elizabeth’s Edible Experience blog, so gave it a try.  I only made 1/3 of the recipe which was the perfect  amount for my small, 4 inch cake pan.  The cooking time was still 1 hour 40mins as stated in Elizabeth’s recipe as this cake batter is usually baked in a ring/bundt pan.

The cake is delicious! My family loved it, especially as even after 4 days, it was still perfectly moist.

I started steaming my cakes back in 2009 with a handbag cake.  I didn’t bring my steamer with me to Texas and am contemplating buying another to use on my cakes.  The finish on the fondant is not the same without a final steam.  As you can see in the close up picture below, the finish is not as satiny as my other cakes that have been steamed.

100 cake-2

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