Parkour Cake

It’s birthday time in our house this month so that means cake!  My son has many interests, most involving excessive amounts of energy! You may recall last year’s mountain bike playground cake which was a very popular post.  For the past few years he has been interested in parkour (or free running) and has been doing some casual lessons here in Texas.  So, this year’s cake was a parkour one.

Parkour cake-4

Everything on this cake is edible except for the figurines.  We have had such a busy time over the past few weeks that I had to cheat a little.  The figurines are the wooden art mini mannequins that I painted some black pants and coloured shirts onto.

I used a brick impression mat for the walls, wooden impression mat for the park bench, and a rock wall impression mat for the path and wall capping.

Park bench

Park bench

The tree trunk is a large pretzel stick.  All of the bits and pieces were made from white fondant that I airbrushed.

Rubbish bin

Rubbish bin

My airbrush is a new one! Yay! Silly me, left my original airbrush in Australia,  not sure what I was thinking when I left it behind. Anyway, I bit the bullet and purchased a MASTER Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit for while we are here and I am very happy with it 🙂

Parkour cake-3

The cake itself was the Australian Women’s Weekly caramel mud cake and it was delicious!  I used vanilla buttercream instead of the caramel suggested in the recipe.

I had fun making this cake, I wasn’t sure how it would end up but the birthday boy was very happy with it.

Parkour cake-5

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