Because everything is bigger in Texas!

Not a hot cross bun to be found anywhere! Oh no!

Since everything is bigger here in Texas I decided to bake one giant hot cross bun, yum.  As there were no sultanas or currents in the pantry, I HAD to make a chocolate one.

Using a standard recipe (replacing the sultanas with choc chips), I went on my merry way.  After knocking down the dough after the first proving, instead of dividing into 8 buns, I made one giant one.  So the bun would keep a nice shape, I popped it into a greased 22cm round cake tin.  I would suggest using a smaller tin for a better shape, perhaps an 18cm.

The end result looks more like a Boston Bun, but tastes like an hot cross bun.  It is lovely sliced and toasted with a good slathering of butter.

hot cross bun-1

*For those of you playing at home with a Thermomix, I used the recipe from Devil of a Cookbook 😀

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