Chocolate Magic Layer Cake

So these are like the old Impossible Pie.  Quick, easy, and pretty impressive looking when cooked!

Magic layer cake-1

The net has 100s of different versions of this cake, butterscotch, vanilla, chocolate….the list goes on.

I used this recipe from Jo Cooks, she has fabulous step by step photos on her posts and everything looks delicious!.  I must say I was worried about 2 things when making this.  Firstly, the mixture is sooooooo runny, more like a chocolate milkshake than cake batter.  And secondly, would it come out of the pan as I did not line it, just buttered and floured it? Both of my concerns were short lived as I watched the cake form through the oven door.  The top turned into a lovely light sponge and I could see it coming away from the sides of the pan as time went on.

After the cake had cooled on the bench, I popped it into the fridge.  Apparently this makes it easier to cut.  I cut the cake into 4 large squares while still in the pan and then used an egg flip to get each piece out fairly easily.  I did see on one blog that they just flipped it out like a normal cake and then cut it up.  I’m not so sure mine would have survived that treatment as the top was quite fragile.  Maybe I should have left it in the oven for a bit longer?

The Magic Layer Cake turns from chocolate milk into a cake with 3 definite layers: sponge on top, firm custard in the middle, and a base.

See the layers?

See the layers?


I took this cake over to a friend’s place for lunch, the ladies there would be my guinea pigs!  The verdict:  both thought it was lovely, not too sweet and really enjoyed it with the strawberries and raspberries.  I left a few pieces for my friend’s kids to have after school.  As the cake has quite a grown up flavour (like dark chocolate) I wasn’t sure if they would like it.  Miss 4 said “It’s really good”, and Mr 7 also thought it was good, “It’s good. It’s coffee!”  My kids who both love dark chocolate and rich deserts woofed it down 🙂  So all around, it was a success!


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