Bob’s Pickle Pops

The popularity of pickles is amazing here in Texas.  The grocery shops all have a very large section dedicated to pickles of all types and flavours and with any sandwich ordered in a cafe comes a large pickle on the side.

Just after we arrived in Texas I went on my first outing to Wal-Mart.  Amongst the shelves of pickles, something caught my eye, Bob’s Pickle Pops.  Totally perplexed as to what they were, I stopped for a closer look.  They are just as they state on the package, Pickle Pops!  They can be consumed either frozen or unfrozen and state that they have  been reformulated for athletes.

Pickle Pop-2

A video of the original process shows the pops being processed by simply squishing pickles.  The reformulation has removed “pickle pieces” to enable ease of drinking.

I must admit, I have had this packet sitting in my pantry for weeks now and have been a little bit afraid to taste them.   So, here I go!  I will try one straight from the pantry, one cooled from the refrigerator, and one frozen…

So, I rallied the troops for moral support and some extra taste buds and opinions.

The Pickle Pop straight from the pantry (room temperature) had quite a thick consistency. It had a very strong pickle sour taste.  One small sip was enough for me and my fellow tasters.

The refrigerated one was next.  This was not as strong as the room temperature one and a lot easier to drink.  Still not a fan but getting better.

Last but not least was the frozen Pickle Pop.  I figured as the refrigerated pop was a step up from the room temperature one, this frozen one should be better again.  Oh how wrong I was!  Once again it was not as strong in flavour but something about pickle taste in an icy pole was a little strange!  My husband who thinks everything is better frozen could only have a tiny bite, his conclusion: “It’s just wrong!”.

Pickle Pop-1

They all definitely taste like pickles, and that is the point, yes? So they have achieved their goal.  I am sure there are plenty of people who would love these Pickle Pops, perhaps it’s a cultural palette difference?  You know, just like Vegemite and Australians!

I would love to hear from any of you that enjoy Bob’s Pickle Pops.  Feel free to comment here or pop over to the new Scrumdiddlyumptious Facebook page and comment there!

5 Comments on “Bob’s Pickle Pops”

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  2. I bought my first Bob’s Pickle Pops three years ago after moving to Texas. I love pickles, and I liked the pops from the beginning, but I could only eat an inch or two of the frozen pop at a time. Over time, I got used to the strong pickle flavor, and I am addicted!!! I love these things.

    • I think I’ll have to give them another try! We sure have been eating more pickles since moving here 😃

  3. Been living in Texas for 16 years and just discovered Bob’s Pickle Pops.
    I don’t get the negative reaction to them by some people. Its dill pickle juice. Room temp or frozen its still delicious. Not like it’s turkey and gravy soda,guys.Now THAT’S too gross and weird.

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