Missing in action!

Apologies to all of my lovely readers for the lack of blog entries of late.  I have a good excuse, we moved to the other side of the world!  I am currently living in Texas, USA and will be here for  a few years.  Due to being homeless for a while, I have not been doing much baking, decorating, or blogging.  Now we are settled in our new home, I can begin restocking the pantry and getting back into it all.

In addition to my usual posts on cakes and cookies, I have decided to add another category to my blog – Texas Tidbits.  I intend on sharing my food experiences with you, whether they be good or bad.  As many of you who read my blog are from the USA, you will probably wonder why I am finding some of the foods so bizarre.  I look forward to hearing from you all, your opinions and comments, and even some suggestions on what I should try while we are living here.

Simple tasks such as grocery shopping have become an adventure here, the differences in food are much more vast than I had anticipated.  So, there is lots of reading of product labels, substituting ingredients, and of course, trying out new culinary experiences going on!

So far, my family and I are all enjoying Texas.  We are finding everyone so welcoming and friendly 🙂


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