Ombre Petal Cake

Petal cake

My first try at a buttercream petal cake.  There are so many tutorials out there to learn from, and it really is as simple as they say!

I made this for my sister’s birthday.  A orange vanilla cake layered with fresh cream and raspberry jam.

The buttercream recipe (Thermomix) I used was a first too, the addition of cream lightens it up.  I made 4 times the amount to ensure I had enough to crumb coat and pipe the petals.  In hindsight, 3 times would have been sufficient.

Most of the tutorials suggest the use of #12 tip, as I don’t have 4 #12 tips, I just used the couplers without tips.

As you can see in the photo below, the crumb coat could have been a tad thicker especially for the white row of petals!Petal cake-2

When I came to the last row of petals and found that I couldn’t use the pallet knife to spread without ruining the first column of petals, I just did some dots and made that the back of  the cake.

Petal cake-3I topped it all off with a sugar paste ruffle flower.  Again, a very simple method using 4 circle cutters and there are heaps of tutorials available (I used this one ).  Cut out rounds and then ruffle edges with a toothpick or similar.  I dried each layer separately before stacking together and dusting the edges with some pink petal dust.

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