Macaron madness

I have been in a frenzy of macaron making of late!  I have been making macarons for many years now but my method has recently changed.  I recently purchased a Thermomix and preparing the macarons in it is a whizz 🙂

Instead of sifting the icing sugar and almond meal together, you just pop them in the Thermie and hit turbo a few times.  This not only mixes the two ingredients, it sifts them as well.  And no more pushing through a fine sieve – yay!!!  The Thermomix also whips the egg whites to perfection.  The base recipe I have been using can be found at Super Kitchen Machine blog.

Bacon Macaron

Bacon & Maple Macaron

Recently I have made the following varieties:  Bacon & Maple, Salted Caramel, Key Lime, and today’s Raspberry White Chocolate.

These little beauties are the base recipe with a touch of pink colour added.  A ring of white chocolate ganache (also made in the Thermomix), and a tiny bit of raspberry jam in the centre.   They are for my Mum 🙂

Raspberry White Choc Macaron centres

Raspberry white choc macaron centres

Raspberry White Chocolate Macarons with isomalt flower

Raspberry white chocolate macarons with red isomalt flower decoration

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