Eiffel Tower Cake

My hectic week continues with my daughter’s birthday party.  We took the easy option of going to Laser Tag but there was still the matter of food and cake.

A picture was given to me months ago, with the request of this particular cake for her birthday. Sure, no problems….until I found out I was going to be away at uni for the week and would have just a day to prepare it.

As it turns out it was fairly quick and easy.  The cake has 3 tiers,  the largest and smallest being chocolate mud with the centre tier strawberry kiwi flavoured.

A quick spray with the airbrush (still a bit heavy handed!) and some sugar flowers (which I pre made) and it was all done!

Tomorrow is Father’s Day here in Australia……..hmmmmmmm, wish it was Mother’s Day 😛

5 Comments on “Eiffel Tower Cake”

  1. Fi, I love it. Simple but so effective! Also I am a sucker for anything French! Did you paint the Eiffel tower on with wiltons colour? And it didn’t bleed in to the white fondant? Love Melissa

    • Hey Mel, I painted it on with black Wilton gel colour mixed with a dash of vodka 😉 The rest was airbrushed on, still getting the hang of that! The colour didn’t bleed at all, haven’t ever had an issue with that.

    • Hi
      I use a Dynamic Power 1/6HP Air Brush Compressor With Tank & Metal Case with Dynamic Power Dual Action Suction Feed / Gravity Air Brush Kit. They are not made specifically for cakes but as are oil free are fine. Are you in Australia?

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