Strawberry Kiwi Push-up Pops

I arrived home late Thursday night from a week away at uni having all sorts of fun; canning beetroot, pasteurising milk, and milling flour just to name a few tasks.  The next morning was my daughter’s 12th birthday.

So, straight to the kitchen it was.  I had prepared the cake (white cake flavoured with strawberry kiwi Lorann Oil) and cut the rounds out, and popped them in the freezer before I left.  I made a quick batch of cream cheese frosting and the layering began!  A layer of cake, one of frosting, one of fresh strawberries, another cake, and a final swirl of frosting.  Topped off with some chocolate shavings and some more strawberries and they were ready to go.

I was grateful for the 2 free trays that came with my push up pop containers, the perfect amount to send off to school the next morning.

A well-earned sleep, then to school to deliver to my daughter’s class, home for a strong coffee and onto the main cake for her party.  Lucky my favourite place is the kitchen!!!

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