Red-Eyed Green Tree Frog cake

Birthday season has descended on me! This month is extremely busy for me in the cake department.  A red-eyed green tree frog was requested by my husband for his birthday cake this year.  I was really excited to make this cake as it gave me the opportunity to try my hand at airbrushing again.  I am getting used to setting the pressure a bit more now and expect my next cake to benefit from my new skills 🙂  I must remember next time that the airbrushed colour deepens with time, one less coat on Froggy would have been perfect.

The cake itself was a white chocolate mud cake flavoured with English Toffee flavoured Lorann oil.  Then iced in chocolate butter cream and covered in Satin Ice fondant.  I am loving the new flavours so easily achieved by using the oils.

Froggy’s hind legs were made of styrofoam covered in fondant and the water droplets on the board are Isomalt.

Most of my supplies for this cake were purchased at Latorta, a relatively new cake decorating shop in Canberra.  Friendly, knowledgable staff always make for a pleasant shopping experience there 🙂  I have entered this cake in their latest Cake Off Competition.

If anyone out there has some advice on containing the airbrush colour to one area of the house, it would be most appreciated.  We are finding a very fine green film over everything!!!

2 Comments on “Red-Eyed Green Tree Frog cake”

  1. They sell portable spray tan booths that fold up and down and very easy to move around. Perhaps worth looking into that.

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