Angry Birds Cupcakes

Tomorrow is my youngest’s birthday, 9 years have gone in a flash!  His class have a “pet”, the red Angry Bird, they have named it Tweet.

So for his class birthday cupcakes we thought it would be fun to decorate them as Tweet 🙂  What looked like a quick job soon took up a couple of hours, but it was fun and relaxing and kept me from my essay!

Tomorrow 3/4HC will be eating yummy chocolate Tweet cupcakes for morning tea and singing Happy Birthday to my gorgeous boy!

“Tweets” waiting to adorn chocolate cupcakes

4 Comments on “Angry Birds Cupcakes”

  1. Are these fondant icings? Any tips for the novices, these are almost one of your most amazing things thus far. I LOVE them. Happy birthday Angus!

    • Yep, fondant icing. Rolled out and then used some round cutters for main circle and for his belly. Just like playing with playdough! I made them and let them sit for a day to harden up before putting on the cakes. Then I gave them a quick steam to make them nice and shiney smooth.

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