Watermelon Cake Pops

My lovely daughter volunteered me without asking!!! Oh yes, she did.  Her class was having a farewell party for one of the girls and she had informed the teacher that “Mum will make watermelon cake pops” before checking with me.  Then she failed to tell me at all until the morning before they were required.  It was a busy week and I had no idea of how I would get them done in time.  Anyway, she showed me the picture she had found on Pinterest and the cake popping began!!!

Considering the limited time I had, I think they turned out ok.  No detail on the outside but we did manage a layer of white chocolate and then green to represent the watermelon rind.  Each pop had mini choc chips inside for the seeds 🙂

The girl who was leaving the class was very happy with them, sending messages for the next few days about how “cool” they were! Always nice when your efforts are appreciated.

2 Comments on “Watermelon Cake Pops”

  1. Classic – and you are such a wonderful Mum to whip these up – I would have sent her with a packet of Iced Vo-Vo’s!

  2. I saw these and you have me inspired to get my cake gear out and dust it off. I splashed out on a pop cake tin today and am getting many orders thrown at me from madam as to what she would like. Thanks for your inspiration!

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