Cookie Monster Cupcakes and Harry Potter

This year my daughter turned 11, time has flown!

On her birthday she decided to take Cookie Monster Cupcakes to school for her classmates.  I thought maybe they were all getting a bit old for Cookie Monster but it turns out I was wrong!  They were a great hit 🙂

This is a very quick way to decorate cupcakes.

  • ice with a mound of frosting
  • roll in blue-tinted coconut
  • add eyes made from white chocolate melts and dark choc chips
  • and finally pop 1/2  a choc chip cookie in his mouth (easiest if you cut a small slit first)

For her “home” cake she requested Harry Potter’s Monster Book of Monsters.  Seems we have a monster theme going on here, only at opposite ends of the spectrum!

This was simply a rectangle mud cake covered with dark chocolate buttercream fur.  I used the large Wilton grass tip.  Add some eyes made of fondant, a red fondant tongue and gums, some nostrils and teeth, and yellow script and it was all done 🙂  I didn’t take a photo of the cake itself but here’s one with the birthday girl just after the candles were taken out.

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