Makeup Bag Cake

Our gorgeous girl hit the double digits this week. Yes, that’s right – 10!!!! Can hardly believe it.  Like all 10 year old girls, she loves dressing up and being pampered. This year her party was a Makeup Party.

The amazing Charlene from Foxy Makeup came and taught the girls how to put on age appropriate makeup, explaining all the brushes and products.  Charlene was fantastic, so patient.  Not sure how she managed 15 girls after she had just done makeup for a wedding and travelled from the Central Coast.  The girls all looked beautiful with their makeovers and the parents were also happy with the result! I would highly recommend Charlene for parties, and seeing how professional she was with the girls am sure she would be fab for all special events.

Asha’s cake this year followed the theme of her party, makeup.  A red velvet cake made into a makeup bag with sugar makeup, nail polish, and brushes for decoration (all edible).

Once again I used Buddy Valastro’s method of steaming the icing for a beautiful smooth finish. This time I used some silver lustre dust on the fondant before I steamed and was pleased with the satiny result.

To continue with the makeup theme, I made some eyeshadow cookies to go in the girls’ goodie bags.

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