Tour de France and Netball Cupcakes

It has been a sporting cupcake month here! To coincide with the Tour de France this year, my friend organised a cycling challenge.  During the 21 days that the Tour was running a group of us were challenged to ride as many kms as we could.  We could do this by means of road bike, mountain bike, exercise bike, spin class…..whichever suited our lifestyle and weather.  Each of us donated $20 and got pedalling.  The person who rode the most kms during that period chose the charity/organisation that the entry fee would go to.  With a whopping 809.6kms, my husband won! As a group we rode just under 3000kms!!! The organisation that Rick and I chose to support was the sponsorship of an Orangutan at Taronga Zoo via our kids school.

Anyway, here are some cupcakes I made during the challenge sporting the Tour de France jerseys.

This month also brought about the end of  the netball season for my daughter’s school team.  As part of their end of season celebrations they had these cupcakes adorned with netball bibs.

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