Pistachio and Raspberry Jelly Cakes

Masterchef certainly has inspired my 10 year old to request recipes even more than usual.  The presence of recipe cards at the supermarkets has prompted a collection of recipes that she wants to try.  That has been fabulous for me as when I ask the question of “what shall we have for dinner?”, Asha pops up with a card from her collection!

We have had Marion’s Invention Test Pistachio cake card sitting around for a while now. As it was a good friend’s birthday on the weekend I decided it was perfect timing to make these cakes.

They were surprisingly quick and easy and quite delicious!

I topped the cake with a miniature handbag made out of fondant, what girl doesn’t love a handbag?!?

2 Comments on “Pistachio and Raspberry Jelly Cakes”

  1. Hello
    I am desperately trying to find the Coles version of Marion’s receipe for the pistachio cake – can you post it or email to me? I’m in Canada visiting relatives and really want to make it for them but my recipe card is on my fridge in Townsville!

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