Impression Mat Cupcake

Recently it was the 30th birthday of one of the  instructors at the gym I (in)frequent.  Cory is a lovley girl, obviously very energetic, as I spend most Wednesday mornings with her I wanted to give her a little something to enjoy.

I made my chocolate mud cake cupcakes and decorated one for her using my silicon impression mat on the fondant.  It was a simple process and I really like the effect.

cory cake

4 Comments on “Impression Mat Cupcake”

  1. Awesome as always. Your such an inspiration and I love seeing your work and try my own. Your bows look great how do you get them to set like that?

    • Hey Ree, I usually make them at least one day before decorating. Pop some rolled up paper towel in the loops while it dries to hold the shape 🙂

  2. Your cupcakes are beautiful! I’ve been looking for a silicone impression mat that is the right proportion for cupcakes… would you mind sharing where you got yours and what pattern it is? Elizabeth

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      I purchased the mat from Earl Craft n Cake.
      They have all kinds of fabulous molds at very reasonable prices.
      The mat I used doesn’t seem to be on the site anymore but they do have many more since I last had a look.
      I can see another purchase coming on!!!
      Fi 🙂

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