The Angus Taco

While I was away at Residential School in Wagga for 10 days my 6 year old son Angus “invented” the Angus Taco for my return dinner.  Here is his blog entry explaining it.

Tacos are my favourite dinner, I like the soft tacos best.  I invented the Angus Taco for Mummy. We had it for dinner on her first night home from uni.  The only thing that is different from Mummy’s tacos is the meat. Instead of having taco mince I put a sausages in the taco.  The sausages have to be cut up in an Angus Taco.  As well as sausages we have chilli sauce, sour cream, lettuce, tomato (I don’t like tomato so I don’t have them in mine), avocado, and cheese.

Everyone really like my Angus Tacos and we will have them again.

Angus Taco

2 Comments on “The Angus Taco”

  1. I think the Angus Taco will be a big hit, it looks delicious! Even though my girl is all grown up now I think she would rather have an Angus Taco than the ordinary kind any day because she loves sausages too. Angus, your Mummy was so excited about coming home from uni for the Angus Taco, she kept telling us how good it was going to be and she was so happy you had invented it for her. I think you could be a great chef one day if you want to be 🙂

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