Frangipani fun

I have had a lovely time over the past day playing with a new toy. I purchased some silicon flower molds in the hope that they would expedite the production of some of my flowers. I love it when a plan comes to fruition, 24 large and 24 small frangipanis all done in less than 30mins!!! The instructions for using the molds suggests fondant as the best medium, I ignored this at first and started with flower modelling paste.  Should have followed the instructions!!! Although the flowers molded from the paste worked quite well, they did not have quite as much petal detail as I would have hoped. I originally thought that they would produce more intricate detail and the main reason for using the paste was faster drying time. After a few flowers I decided to go with fondant. It took on the detail of the molds fabulously and was much quicker and easier to use.

I initally started to colour the flowers with diluted food colouring but soon moved on to using petal dust, the petal dust gave a much better and realstic effect.

Here’s a photo of the molds I used for anyone who is unsure of what I am on about!!!


I have met so many lovely people here in Newcastle, maybe it’s the sunshine that brings out the best in people. One gorgeous girl I have met here is celebrating her birthday this weekend, so I thought what better way to use the frangipanis than to give them to a bright, bubbly friend. I made a Banana White Chocolate Mud cake and decorated it with the flowers. I was so happy to see the smile on her face when she received it.  So, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO!!! I hope the year to come is full of joy – you deserve it 🙂


4 Comments on “Frangipani fun”

  1. What a perfect cake for our recent springtime weather! 30 minutes for 48 flowers – that’s impressive Fi, mold or no mold! It looks beautiful, guaranteed to make a very happy birthday 🙂

    • How gorgeous is this weather?!!? That’s my excuse for the pathetic amount of study I have been doing lately 🙂

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